I know I'm on anon but could I put a request for a public sim for dl????

Hello! If it’s a request to make a sim, I can’t take them from an anon as I need to ask for certain details and other things over time sorry, so I only take those type of requests off anon. However, if its a request to upload a sim I currently have made I could be able to upload it.

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Do you use an hq mod?

Most of the time, yes. I use S-Club Privee’s  HQ mod. For taking pictures of sims I switch between the 4096px and the 5120px, while for gameplay I use the 2560px or don’t use it at all as I don’t take gameplay photos! 

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What laptop do you have? I would be so thankful if you could explain how to do that in photoshop I always wanted to do stuff like that but I understand if you want to keep it a secret... Anyway thanks!

My laptop isn’t anything special, it’s a ‘HP Envy M6-1310sa’ which happened to fit into my spending budget hahah! And regards to photoshop, all I actually do is employ other people’s actions together at different opacities.  Some of the actions I use together are: Mina’s Gameplay Action, Theboywhosimmed’s Actions, i-like-teh-sims’s ‘Impulse’ action, and there are others however the blogs of the actions have been deleted!  But literally all I do is put some these actions on different layers of my image and fade the opacity together and it seems to work. It probably explains why almost none of my pictures look the same as they’ve all been edited differently ;)

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How do you get your pictures in such HD? I'm amazed

Hahah thank you, but I’m blessed to have a laptop that provides pretty good graphics for my game, plus I have to admit photoshop does do a lot of the work! 

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Even though Bree was a sim request, I just had to play around with her and I love her so much

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I caved in and had to try this beautiful hair out…

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What skin do you use on your sims?

This is the skin I’ve been using on my sims recently! :3

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Ashlyn, a request sim for sim-lian

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I took a break away from sims but I’m back and realised I got the demo, so this is the first sim I made in the CAS demo; Bradley Brooks. I’m going to need a hell of a lot more practise making decent looking sims 

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WIP Request sim for teapunch

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NewSea Lola Retexture/Edit by Nigalkins

Download normal length [mediafire]

Download shorter length [mediafire]

This is two edits of NewSea’s Lola hairstyle that they uploaded quite some time ago. I removed the strand of hair that came down the front of the Sim, and then removed some strands that made the hair look messy. The first edit retains it’s normal length, while the second has been chopped. Both found in the hats category with only one band variation[recolourable]. EA control and edited EA diffuse. Available for teen-elder, .package format and no custom thumbnails.


Alesso Aurora Retexture/Edit by Nigalkins

Download [mediafire]

Hello! Just a quick chop of a beautiful hair, which I found I would’ve preferred without the curled ends and length the original hair possessed. EA control and edited EA diffuse. Available for teen-elders and only in .package format. No custom thumbnail, sorry. Terms Of Use.



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Just to let you know, this person --> anglaisims is using one of your sims as their sidebar pic.

Hello! Thank you for informing me kind anon, however I actually made that sim for her and allowed her to use the pictures I took of her etc. But nonetheless thanks for your concern! :3

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