I took a break away from sims but I’m back and realised I got the demo, so this is the first sim I made in the CAS demo; Bradley Brooks. I’m going to need a hell of a lot more practise making decent looking sims 

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Do you mind telling me WCIF the tanktop in this post? /post/77225519958/nightcrawler-hair-15-retexture-edit-by-nigalkins

Hello, the top is IN3S’s Basic Tank Top, but they deleted all their links and stuff, but this should be a valid download here, or a google search for ‘IN3S Basic Tank Top’ should provide several links!

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Could you tell me where do i click to se older post on the hair downloads?

Hello, there should be a white text button labelled ‘MORE »’ in the bottom right corner of the black sidebar. 

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WIP Request sim for teapunch

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NewSea Lola Retexture/Edit by Nigalkins

Download normal length [mediafire]

Download shorter length [mediafire]

This is two edits of NewSea’s Lola hairstyle that they uploaded quite some time ago. I removed the strand of hair that came down the front of the Sim, and then removed some strands that made the hair look messy. The first edit retains it’s normal length, while the second has been chopped. Both found in the hats category with only one band variation[recolourable]. EA control and edited EA diffuse. Available for teen-elder, .package format and no custom thumbnails.


Alesso Aurora Retexture/Edit by Nigalkins

Download [mediafire]

Hello! Just a quick chop of a beautiful hair, which I found I would’ve preferred without the curled ends and length the original hair possessed. EA control and edited EA diffuse. Available for teen-elders and only in .package format. No custom thumbnail, sorry. Terms Of Use.



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Just to let you know, this person --> anglaisims is using one of your sims as their sidebar pic.

Hello! Thank you for informing me kind anon, however I actually made that sim for her and allowed her to use the pictures I took of her etc. But nonetheless thanks for your concern! :3

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Anyone remember Max? Well, I gave him a slight makeover and I’m using him to explore Isla Paradiso (Now that I can finally thanks to Pixeltricks!)

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Caroline in black&white

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Selfie Sunday, haven’t done this in a while hahah!

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A small new world I’ve been working on for myself; even though I don’t have Island Paradise yet, it’s for me to finish and then play after I finally can afford Island Paradise and have my own vacation-type world ;D I still have quite a lot to do and I can’t finish it until I’ve got Island Paradise and add the features IP offers to make this a Mediterranean-like, vacation world.

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Done any more work on your worlds recently?

Unfortunately I haven’t worked on my zombie apocalypse world or ‘suburban’ world in like a month as I’ve had absolutely no inspiration to do work to them, however I’ve secretly had a new world in the works, I actually have a photoset post about it in my drafts ready to be posted, hahah!

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