Selfie Sunday👌 sorry I haven’t been able to post sims in the last week!

Anonymous asked:

pahah oh my pineapple god that name is pure gold, seriously. 

I’d actually love to call it that, perhaps it can be the nickname! ;) [Since I want a more realistic name for story purposes, etc] 

Anonymous asked:
are you ever going to put up the zombie apocalypse world your making?

Yep. Like my other zombie apocalypse world I will release it when it is completely finished. Don’t expect it very soon though, I have a lot left to do!

Selfie Sunday, since I haven’t done this in well over a month!

I love doing the sets for zombie apocalypse locations…

Two characters for my zombie apocalypse story; Amanda and Huan.

Random shots from around my new zombie apocalypse world~ The hospital, fire station and shipment building.

More random shots of buildings in my zombie apocalypse world..

I’ve decided to speed up making my other zombie world… so have a motorway crash and traffic jam in my zombie apocalypse world~

Kurtis; simself of my friend entelligent for my zombie apocalypse story~

i may or may not be starting a zombie apocalypse story

Anonymous asked:
Not a question. I literally just found you like 5 minutes ago and u r liek perfect ur hair edits ur sims and ugh stahp it PLZZZ

I feel like I’m repeating what I say when I receive these messages >.< But, thank you very much, anon, this type of message mean a lot, seriously! :3

Anonymous asked:
I get orgasms scrolling through your simblr. Thank you, for being alive. I love you I swear not in a stalkerishh weird way

Hahah, you are sincerely flattering anon! I’m pleased to give you such pleasures.. ;) However, thank you and I hope you have a great day!

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